PRODUCT DESIGN  is the process of creating a new product to be sold by a business to its customers. Product Design involves a broad approach to the designing and making of innovative / new products. Ionizing Ideas is one the newly established companies in Pakistan which focuses on Providing efficient solutions to everyday usage Products.


This is a French word meaning a place to relax and loosen. The Project followed on Creating a 3D Interior Environment for a posh Bathroom that focused on Luxury and minimalism. The inspiration was taken from Art-Nouveau. Each of the Product was then Originally made on scale and the complete bathroom was set in the clients House. All the Designs are 100% original and copyrights are reserved under the Team of IonizingIdeas


This Tourist Bicycle was a successful project plan, designed and executed by Head Engineers of Ionizing Ideas Team and was successfully set for sale last year.  Whether you traveling with a crew or alone Xventure is a complete Adventure and company provider. From rocky Mountains or plains Xventure is Designed by Ali Maqsood, with all the essential Ergonomics and Safety Engineering. 36 Spokes and Gear block system, Natural Rubber In flatted Tires and Aluminum frame body, gives a comfortable ride for hours to come.


This Project focuses on designing a unique solution to the need of women shopping errands and daily items. Furthermore provides proper children transportation and a helpful station for the babies at home. The basic idea is a confortable cradle, before, and then a seat that can adapt on three different supports in relation to the different need of moving, a base for car, a stroller-bike and a high chair for home. Furthermore, it explains the basic parameters for a Bicycle Design e.g. Agility, Functionality, Aesthetic, Ergonomics, Comfort level and foremost its safety.


We Designed cast resin transformers for a wide range of infrastructural and industrial application.


Cast resin dry type distribution (dual voltage) transformers, which are used in a wide range of infrastructure, commercial, and residential developments to step down the voltage of electricity from the electric grid to lower levels.

This cast resin transformer uses four main types of insulation systems.  The insulation systems used are: 155 degree Celsius Class “F” per IEC60076 (International Electro technical Commission) and 180 degree Celsius Class “H” for the Chinese market and 150 and 185 degree Celsius per ANSI (American National Standard Institute), IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), and NEMA.


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